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Blog "Так просто зарабатывать, что проще некуда - заведи себе"

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Simple lifetime earnings on blog
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Payments are made within 5 days after the creation of the withdrawal order.
Frequency of payments:
- Electronic payments: no more than 2 times a month;
- Bank transfers: no more than 1 time per month
Users assume responsibility for the payment of income tax.
Users are responsible for the correctness of these details for the output.
The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the user's currency and country. In your case, the minimum amount is 500 WMC (~$ 5).
Payments are not made when funds were received in violation of the rules of the system.


Rates for withdrawal:
WebMoney (WMR): 0% of all countries
WebMoney (WMZ): 0% of all countries
PayPal: 5% of all countries
Sberbank (EN): 0% Russia
Alfabank (EN): 0% Russia
Yandex-Money (EN): 2% Russia
Bitcoin: 5%
QIWI (EN): 5% Russia
Transfer from card to card: 10% Russia
Transfer to Bank: 15% of All countries

We are waiting for You in my team. I know - will tell. What I don't know - we'll


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